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     White Papers




Space Resources Roundtable I

The First Space Resources Roundtable was held at the Colorado School of Mines in 1999.

Abstracts of the papers discussed during that conference may be viewed through the download links provided here.



B.R. Blair, Division of Economics and Business, Colorado School of Mines
Economics of Lunar Mineral Exploration
Abstract   zip file download

D.R. Criswell
Lunar Solar Power System and Lunar Development
Abstract   zip file download

M.B. Duke, Lunar and Planetary Institute and the Colorado School of Mines
The Development of Space Resources
Abstract   zip file download

L. Gertsch, Michigan Technological University
Successfully Mining Asteroids and Comets
Abstract   zip file download

R.J. Gustafson, E.E. Rice, Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITECTM)
Lunar Polar Ice: Methods for Mining the New Resource for Exploration
Abstract   zip file download

A. Ignatiev, A. Freundlich, Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center, University of Houston
Production of Solar Cells on the Moon from Lunar Regolith
Abstract   zip file download

N.M. Komerath, C.A. Matos, A. Coker, S. Wanis, J.Hausaman, R.G. Ames, X.Y. Tan, School of Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
Acoustic Shaping: Enabling Technology for a Spacebased Economy
Abstract   zip file download

S. Wanis, N.M. Komerath, School of Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
Acoustic Shaping in Microgravity: Technology Issues
Abstract   zip file download

P.D. Lowman, Jr., Goddard Space Flight Center
Return to the Moon: A New Strategic Evaluation
Abstract   zip file download

R.S. McMillan, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona
Spacewatch Discovery and Study of Accessible Asteroids
Abstract   zip file download

N.N. Melnikov, O.V. Nagovitsyn, Mining Institute of Kola Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences
The Role of Mining for Space Development
Abstract   zip file download

D.J. O’Donnell, United Societies in Space
Property Rights and Space Resources Development
Abstract   zip file download

S.J. Ostro, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Radar Reconnaissance of Near-Earth Asteroids
Abstract   zip file download

H.A. Perko, Research Assistant, Center for Engineering Infrastructure and Sciences in Space, CE Dept., Colorado State University
Solar Energy Conversion Using In Situ Lunar Soil
Abstract   zip file download

K.A. Prisbrey, A.B. Sayer, W. Wang and P.R. Taylor, University of Idaho
The Application of Thermal Plasmas to Ore Reduction for In Situ Resource Utilization
Abstract   zip file download

T.F. Rogers, The Space Transportation Association (STA)
Some Implications of Space Tourism for Extraterrestrial Resources
Abstract   zip file download

G.B. Sanders, NASA/Johnson Space Center
An Overview of NASA's Current In-Situ Consumable Production (ISCP) Development Activities and Goals
Abstract   zip file download

H.H. Schmitt, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin
Perspectives on Lunar Helium-3
Abstract   zip file download

F.D. Schowengerdt, J.J. Moore, Center for Commercial Applications of Combustion in Space (CCACS), Colorado School of Mines
Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis for In-Situ Materials Processing
Abstract   zip file download

K.H. Stokoe II, S.G. Wright, W.D. Carrier III
Subsurface Exploration from Lander and Rover Platforms With Seismic Surface Waves
Abstract   zip file download

L.A. Taylor, Planetary Geosciences Institute, University of Tennessee
Space Weathering and the Formation of Lunar Soil: The Moon as the Model For All Airless Bodies in the Solar System
Abstract   zip file download

D.R. Whitlock, Separation Technologies, Inc
Recovery of Lunar Ice with Separation Technologies’ Belt Separator
Abstract   zip file download


At the first meeting of the Space Resources Roundtable, participants broke into three working groups which met separately for 4 hours of discussion. Each of the working groups were asked to address the following questions:

     -  What topics and subtopics are of high importance and why?

     -  What methods of communication of opportunities and progress are most useful?

     -  Who are the people who should be involved in continuing discussions, but are not represented at this meeting?

     -  What can be done to elevate the discussion to the point where NASA programs clearly reflect the importance of Space Resources?

     -  What are recommendations for discussion topics at a second Space Resources Roundtable meeting to be held in about two years?

The three working groups addressed the areas: Exploration and Mining, Economics and Legal and Refining, Processing and Manufacturing.

The summary reports from these working groups are as follows:

Space Resources Roundtable
Exploration and Mining Discussion
Documents   zip file download  .1 mb

Space Resources Roundtable
Economics and Legal
Documents   zip file download  .1 mb

Space Resources Roundtable
Processing and Manufacturing
Documents   zip file download  .1 mb

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